Love’in the World

Can you love the whole world?

There is no real way to express your true love to the entire world, but in loving people, we begin to express our love for ‘the world’. It’s all relative.

We are – essentially – the world, and when we love each other, we love the world. In Egypt, they experienced a long-time of govermental tyrannicism. The government was overthrown, by the people, and they without the people, their is no government. So, eventually, the government had to give way, because the government anywhere, is basically, consists of the populice.

The direct correlation  between love and other people is that there would be no reason to love if you did not love other people.

Every religion talks about loving – or doing – stuff for others.

This is a topic that you can, consciencely, expand on and think about it.


About The Interconnectivity of Everyone

I am a 26 year-old philanthropist and intellectual elite, who often attempts to transcend above the norms of his surroundings.
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