Mubarak finally Steps Down

Egypt’s president – finally – stepped down. I was sure that it would take a full-blown man-hunt (political-hunt) for Mohamed Hosni Mubarak to catch the picture – resign. Before Mubarak served for <em>30</em> years, only three previous presidents had served Egypt in the 28 years that the republic had been in existence.
After the violent protests and threats directed towards Mubarak, he finally descended from his uncontended position of presidency – for 30 years. For Egypt – even though the republic had only been in existence for 57 total years.
I still believe that Mubarak can remain in control through the military. His brother is the top-ranking officer in the Egyptian military, so without close inspection, Mubarak could easily retain power, surreptitiously.
Mubarak has been <i>The President</i> for 30 out of the 57 years that the Republic of Egypt has been in existence. I understand that you obtain the position of <i>President</i>, in a democratic society or government. The way Egypt has been ran throughout the years that it has been in existence, the government has been run through tyrannical control.

But – to conform this issue back inside the constructs of my website’s <b>theme</b> – the society of the people, should be governed by the people. No one owns anyone else. We should not be made comply to another’s demands or mindset. There have been a list of counteractive approaches that have been employed with the people of Egypt, and these approaches have honestly been – counter-productive to its supposed <b><i>Democratic</i></b> style of government.

Two factors elude to the fact that ole’ Hosni is trying to pull the allegorical ‘wool over Egypt’s eyes.
• Mubarak is actually a part of the military – the factor in power – since the end of Mubarak’s regime.
• On a National Egyptian broadcast on February 10, 2011, Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak said that he would not resign, but he would hand-over ‘more’ power to Omar Suleiman, his Vice President.

<p>I, honestly, am not able to prove anything, yet, but I’ve put nothing but facts in the preceding passages.</p>


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I am a 26 year-old philanthropist and intellectual elite, who often attempts to transcend above the norms of his surroundings.
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