It is my belief that the ministers and church leaders, today, have lost faith in this doctrine. They seem to be trying to convince people of the benefits that life with Jesus is full of – most of which are just gross exaggerations.

There seems to be an ulterior motive indoctrinated in today’s messages. In getting this message across, there are certain principles that are confused in translation. Instead of dissecting the bible, using its original transcription, and doing research on the original version of the bible, they seem to interpret the bible in their own way, justifying and validating their interpretations with minuscule ‘plays on words’.

Money and fame seems to be the driving force in today’s member drives, instead of leading people to Jesus. I do not believe that everyone will be saved, but if we – as Christians – take on the mentality that everyone has a chance, instead of church leaders treating people as meal tickets.

I have not lost my faith in Jesus, God nor the Holy Writ, but I am beginning to lose my faith in today’s church.


About The Interconnectivity of Everyone

I am a 26 year-old philanthropist and intellectual elite, who often attempts to transcend above the norms of his surroundings.
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